Bachelor of Applied Business, Management
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Bachelor of Applied Business Management Partnership with Ducere

What is a Bachelor of Applied Business?

A Bachelor of Applied Business (Management) prepares you to enter the workforce with essential industry skills and understanding. Add value to your workplace and advance your career. This online-only course is delivered by Ducere Global Business School and accredited by Torrens University.
The Bachelor of Applied Business (Management) provides a balance between the traditional fundamentals of core topics – ensuring the ‘why’ of such topics is understood – as well as education into how these topics have evolved over time into their current modern conception.


Study mode
Campus locations
Course duration
2 years full time, 4 years part time
Start date
01 Jul 2024
23 Sep 2024

This course is accredited by Torrens University Australia ABN 99 154 937 005, RTO 41343, CRICOS 03389E and delivered by Ducere Global Business School Pty Ltd.

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Career opportunities

Designed for team leaders and managers wanting to advance their careers, learn management theory and application from the most successful business people in the world.

Potential career paths

  • Business Analyst
    Average salary: $99,994 - $144,722
  • Finance Manager
    Average salary: $115,283 - $165,000
Angela Truong | Bachelor of Applied Business Management
It is a very practical course focused on applying my learning to the real world. I am loving it as there are no exams and I can study at my own pace, wherever I want, while easily balancing it with my full-time job. The academics are very supportive and go above and beyond to help me ace my assignments.
Angela Truong
Graduate, Bachelor of Applied Business Management

Subjects and units

Delivered online, this course comprises 18 core and 6 electives, each subject requiring 12 hours of study per week; four hours facilitated and eight self-directed. Assessments may include activity-based assignments or online quizzes. There are no formal exams.

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Electives


These 11 core subjects must be completed. Additionally, you're required to select one 100 level elective from the electives tab.

Core subjects

  • Fundamentals of Management | ABS101
  • Fundamentals of Marketing | ABS102
  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship | ABS103
  • Fundamentals of Project Management | ABS104
  • Fundamentals of Leadership | ABS105
  • Business Model Analysis | ABS106
  • Managerial Communication | ABS107
  • Corporate Social Responsibility | ABS201
  • Corporate Structuring and Business Law | ABS202
  • Digital Business and Disruption | AB203
  • Managing Money and Finance | ABS204


These seven core subjects must be completed. Additionally, you're required to select two 200 level electives and three 300 level electives from the electives tab.

Core subjects

  • Practicing Leadership | ABS205
  • Design Thinking for Business | ABS206
  • The Global Economy | ABS301
  • Management Strategy | ABS302
  • Managing Diverse Workplaces | ABS303
  • Managing Employee Relations | ABS304
  • Organisational Change | ABS305


Choose six elective subjects as below:

Year 1 - one 100 level

Year 2 - two 200 level and three 300 level

Elective subjects

  • Competitive Market Positioning | ABS108
  • Introduction to Innovation | ABS109
  • Product Management | ABS110
  • Big Data | ABS207
  • Social Enterprise | ABS208
  • Market Research | ABS209
  • Applied Entrepreneurship - Concept Development and Validation | ABS210
  • Advanced Digital Marketing | ABS306
  • Venture Capital Raising | ABS307
  • Integrated Marketing Communications | ABS308
  • Marketing of Services | ABS309
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning | ABS310
  • Stakeholder Management | ABS311

Study pathways

Torrens University offers undergraduate and postgraduate students with flexible entry options and study pathways. Whether you prefer a full program or a modular approach, we can tailor your studies to your needs. Start your journey with an undergraduate diploma or bachelor degree, or grow your career with a postgraduate qualification.

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Let us customise a study plan and pathway for you.


  • Bachelor of Applied Business Management Partnership with Ducere

    Domestic students only

    Experience industry placements, internships or industry-linked projects with our Bachelor degree.

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  • Master of Business Administration Innovation and Leadership Partnership with Ducere

    Domestic students only

    12 core subjects
    1 year full time, 2 years part time

    Become a specialist in your field, or take the first step towards your Doctorate degree.

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Our partnership with Ducere

Torrens University Australia has partnered with Ducere Global Business School to bring you new and exciting Business courses, including:

  • Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (Management)
  • Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Business Administration (Innovation and Leadership)

These courses are delivered by Ducere and accredited by Torrens University Australia.

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Entry details


Check the domestic course fee schedule for the cost of your course.


Eligible Australian students may choose to defer some, or all, of their tuition fees through FEE-HELP, a loan scheme repaid through the tax system based on income.

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Admission criteria

Before you begin your application to study as a domestic student, check that you meet the requirements listed below.

Australian secondary school certificate, or equivalent;


Successful completion of a Vocational qualification (AQF Level 4), or above;


Successful completion of at least 0.25 EFTSL at AQF level 6, 0.5 EFTSL at AQF level 5 or above, or equivalent;


A minimum of successful completion of Year 10 or equivalent (e.g. Certificate 3) AND a minimum of 2 years of full-time relevant, cognate work experience demonstrated by a resume;


Minimum age of 17 AND successful completion of readiness assessment provided by the University.

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Guaranteed pathway and Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have already completed a qualification or gained skills through life or work experience, you may be able to credit this against your degree with us. Check information about Recognition of Prior Learning and Course Credit transfer. We also offer pathway opportunities to further your learning.

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How to apply

Frequently asked questions

  • What are Torrens University Australia’s ATAR requirements for domestic students?
  • What if  I don’t meet the entry criteria for a degree?
  • Am I eligible for FEE-HELP?
  • Can I get course credit for previous experience?
  • What are Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT)? How do I apply?
  • How do I apply for a scholarship?

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