Success for design students at the 2022 AGDA Design Awards

Rumi Art for Advocacy

Billy Blue student designers win 23 AGDA awards with 7 Distinctions and 16 Merits from a whopping 63 nods in the initial shortlist.

Torrens University Australia is thrilled that so many of our Billy Blue College of Design graphic, communications and digital media students and alumni were recognised as finalists, and winners in the 2022 AGDA Design Awards.

“Congratulations to our students in the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) annual awards!,” said Scott Thompson-Whiteside, Executive Dean, Design and Creative Technology. “To pick up 7 Distinctions and 16 Merit awards across 8 award categories is just amazing and a testament to the quality of our students and the industry standards we set within our courses.”

The AGDA Design Awards celebrate a diverse range of disciplines, highlighting every generation of emerging talent from college and university students through to the long-established professionals, the leaders in design. The annual awards aim to further the design discussion and stimulate the creative progress of the industry.

“We’re really proud of our Billy Blue Creative heritage and the strong support we’ve had from Industry over the years to ensure that our graduates really stand out, so it’s really excellent to fast forward to 2022 and see our students having such a strong showing at this year’s AGDA Design Awards," said Darryn Melrose, General Manager, Design and Creative Technologies.

“We’re proud of our students and the work that they produce. It’s a delight to see their efforts recognised across so many of the student categories in this year’s AGDA Awards,” added Nathan Scoular, Academic Director, Industry at Torrens University.

Our academics are at the heart of our industry focused university

At Torrens University our connectivity to industry drives our curriculum and ensures we remain at the forefront of what industry demands and expects from our graduates.

AGDA - Australian Graphic Design Association, is Australia’s largest representative association of professional communication designers existing to support local designers.

“With AGDA being the peak industry association for the visual communication industries in Australia, it is a testament to the quality of our graduates and the industry standards that we set within our courses,” added Scott.

“Industry recognition means everything. It’s a powerful validator for what we do, shining a spotlight on the capacity of our students and the relevance of our curriculum,” said Nathan.

“To have this scale of student winners and finalists from BBCD is an amazing achievement,” said Scott. “A special thanks also to the many staff at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University who have contributed to the students’ success and for your continued excellence in teaching.”

“In particular, special mention needs to be given to lecturer, Cheri Flewell-Smith, who has mentored, guided and empowered our Design and Creative Technology students through this process — It’s connections like this, between our learners and their lecturers, that drives success,” said Nathan.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your students kicking goals and winning awards," said Cheri Flewell-Smith, Lecturer, Design and Creative Technology at Torrens University Australia. “Each win demonstrates our commitment as staff to inspiring, mentoring, and leading emerging designers as they move into the industry."

Judging criteria

Jury members are briefed to critique the entries for innovative expression of an idea, execution of the concept, and relevance to the intended audience. Specialist categories such as Design Effectiveness and Design for Good have additional aspects to the work such as Business and Social impact.

Jeannie Bentley

Jeannie Bentley – #NOCOMMENT

Special mention goes to our Interiors Design course student, Shterna Raskin, for her Smiggle entry receiving a nod in the Student Spatial category for Environmental Design. For an Interiors student to be recognised in graphic design finalist list, Cheri said this speaks to the cross-disciplinary nature of design.

Also, to our Communication Design course student, Olivia Coghlan, who received nods across two categories – Student Print and Student Publications, for Faceless Crowd, created in response to our academic integrity campaign that recently toured Torrens University campuses across Australia.

Congratulations to our massive list of finalists!

2022 AGDA Design Awards finalists

Bang Bang Hot Sauce

Rosie Conway – Bang Bang Hot Sauce

Student Packaging

  1. Rosie Conway – Bang Bang Hot Sauce - Distinction
  2. Rosie Conway – GULP - Distinction
  3. Rosey Conway – Rootine Haircare - Merit
  4. Marcus Cheong – Bestea - Distinction
  5. Erin Lilja – Endless Summer IPA - Finalist
  6. Melissa Schill – Goodness Gelato - Merit
  7. Emilie Carmona – HEYDAY - Finalist
  8. Jennie Bentley - Tutto Fa Brodo - Finalist
  9. Tehgan J Brink – Zoo Pals - Finalist
Postpartum Care Logo

Alannah Deluca – Postpartum Care (Logo, Trademark, Symbol)

Student Brand and Identity Self-Promotion

  1. Jessica Serov – A zine of possibilities (Self-Promotion) - Finalist
  2. Alannah Deluca – ART DEPT (Self Promotion) - Finalist
  3. Alannah Deluca – ART DEPT (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Merit
  4. Alannah Deluca – ART DEPT (Range Series) - Finalist
  5. Alannah Deluca – POST - Postpartum Care (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  6. Alannah Deluca – POST - Postpartum Care (Identity, Range, Series) - Finalist
  7. Alannah Deluca – Rumi - Art for Advocacy (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Merit
  8. Alannah Deluca – Rumi - Art for Advocacy (Identity, Range, Series) - Merit
  9. Alannah Deluca – Wild Herb - Unleash the Chef (Identity, Range, Series) - Finalist
  10. Alannah Deluca – Wild Herb - Unleash the Chef (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  11. Rosie Conway – Rosie (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  12. Rosie Conway – Rootine Haircare (Identity, Range, Series) - Finalist
  13. Rosie Conway – Rootine Haircare (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  14. Rosie Conway – Bang Bang Hot Sauce (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Distinction
  15. Rosie Conway – Bang Bang Hot Sauce (Range, Series) - Distinction
  16. Rosie Conway – GULP (Range, Series) - Finalist
  17. Rosie Conway – We Are Haus (Range, Series) - Finalist
  18. Rosie Conway – Nook (Range, Series) - Finalist
  19. Marcus Cheong – Bestea (Range, Series) - Distinction
  20. Rachel Armstrong – Drape (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  21. Jennie Bentley – Lonely Mouth (Range, Series) - Finalist
  22. Gabrielle Kell – Marrakesh Logo (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  23. Kirana Cahyani – minewine (Identity, Range, Series) - Finalist
  24. Michela Maiolo – Personal Identity (Identity, Range, Series) - Finalist
  25. Izabella Hacinas – See it be it (Identity, Range, Series) - Merit
  26. Sarah Fell – Swaythe blankets (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  27. Emily Johnstone – Tooth + Paw (Logo, Trademark, Symbol) - Finalist
  28. Jennie Bentley – Tutto Fa Brodo (Range, Series) - Finalist
Marcus Cheong Bestea

Marcus Cheong – Bestea

Student Print

  1. Jennie Bentley – #NOCOMMENT - Merit
  2. Rosie Conway – Bang Bang Hot Sauce - Finalist
  3. Marcus Cheong – Bestea - Distinction
  4. Tehgan J Brink – Lucy & Yak Pride 2022 - Finalist
  5. Izabella Hacinas – See it be it - Finalist
  6. Olivia Coglan – The Faceless Crowd - Merit
The Faceless Crowd

Olivia Coglan – The Faceless Crowd

Student Publications

  1. Liam Forcadilla – The Other Folk (Magazines, Newspapers) - Finalist
  2. Ralph Coloma – The Evolution of Super Robots - Finalist
  3. Olivia Coglan – The Faceless Crowd - Finalist
  4. Marcus Cheong – This book of posters will never be finished - Merit
Consent Matters

Jennie Bentley – Consent Matters (Digital Campaign)

Student Digital

  1. Jennie Bentley - #ConsentMatters - Finalist
  2. Jennie Bentley – RE - Finalist
  3. Jennie Bentley – We make sense when we’re together - Merit
Smiggle Environmental Design

Shterna Raskin – Smiggle (Environmental Design)

Student Spatial

  1. Sarah Fell – Casey Fields (Signage and Environmental Graphics) - Merit
  2. Shterna Raskin – Smiggle (Environmental Design) - Merit
  3. Jennie Bentley – We make sense when we’re together (Exhibition Design) - Merit
Drape Magazine

Rachel Armstrong – Drape Magazine (Photography)

Student Design Crafts

  1. Alannah Deluca – A new type of Foliage (Typography) - Merit
  2. Rachel Armstrong – Drape Magazine (Photography) - Finalist
  3. Izabella Hacinas – Fat in modern art (Illustration) - Finalist
  4. Izabella Hacinas – See it be it (Illustration) - Finalist
  5. Tehgan J Brink – Groove Sans (Typography) - Finalist
  6. Erin Lilja – Unfold Promotional Postcard (Typography) - Finalist

Student Motion

  1. Rachel Armstrong – We need To Talk (Animation) - Merit
  2. Kai-Yi Fan – Why choose scented candles? (Animation) - Merit
  3. Kai-Yi Fan – Four Elements In One Flame? (Animation) - Finalist
  4. Jennie Bentley – We Make Sense When We’re Together (Moving Images) - Finalist

Industry Partner Awards

Special mention also to our graduate designer Peita Jackson, comprising part of the team shortlisted at Tiliqua Press for their entry in the Publications category for Ligature Journal Issue 10.

Peita Jackson

Peita Jackson Ligature Journal Issue 10

Last year, Michelle Mondel, Billy Blue Bachelor of Communication Design graduate was awarded the Pinnacle – Emerging Designer of the Year at the 2021 AGDA Design Awards. Billy Blue students and alumni racked up close to 20 spots as finalists, distinction, and merit at the 2021 AGDA Design Awards.

AGDA Design Awards 2022 Ceremony took place Saturday, 12th November at The Ballroom, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

Hero image: Alannah Deluca Rumi – Art for Advocacy, Identity, Range, Series

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