Social Enterprise Hub Student Spotlight: Hannah Schenscher

Hannah Schenscher

Hannah Schenscher is a bright, motivated young entrepreneur and the co-founder of Social Show, a boutique social media and events management company based in Adelaide.

Hannah started her journey to entrepreneurship when she enrolled in a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) at Torrens University back in 2019.

Although she might have enrolled in the course with the content, skills and qualifications in mind, she soon discovered that at Torrens University she would also have access to other more unexpected benefits, including the Social Enterprise Hub.

The Social Enterprise Hub providing students with opportunities

The Social Enterprise Hub is a service provided by Torrens University that links students to internship and placement opportunities with organisations that have a social mission.

Through this important program, students gain valuable volunteer experience on-the-job, while getting to do something positive for the world. Plus, partner organisations get to take advantage of all the skills and talents that students have to offer. It’s a win-win situation for all parties.

During her bachelor course, Hannah discovered the Social Enterprise Hub and decided to approach them about internship opportunities before graduating.

“I reached out to the Social Enterprise Hub and informed them that I was looking for an internship in order to complete my degree,” Hannah explained.

“Torrens University assisted me through the whole process by helping me complete a resume and cover letter that was suited for the roles I was applying for. They were also a massive help in securing an interview and securing the role.

Hannah receiving Marketing internship through the Social Enterprise Hub

I was then lucky enough to receive an internship through the Social Enterprise Hub as Marketing Assistant at the Rapid Enterprise Development (RED) Program, and I also had another opportunity to work with VIVA Mutual.”

The marketing role that Hannah secured allowed her to work right alongside the Head of Marketing, completing any tasks that the team was currently working on.

Some of these tasks included managing the social media, creating and designing content, assisting with logo development and communicating with the RED clients.

The experience she gained in this role through the Social Enterprise Hub proved invaluable for Hannah during the process of starting her own company.

“This whole experience taught me a lot of communication skills, how to be adaptable and helped with improving my creative skills. The internship helped me to learn skills in management and organisation,” Hannah revealed.

“I also learnt a lot about what I love most in the marketing world, which is why I have now started a company focused on the world of Social Media. It is because of this role that I was able to meet my now business partner and gain the skills to start a company.”

Hannah completed her Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) in 2021 and has since gone on to successfully co-found her dream company, Social Show, based in part on the skills she learned through her Social Enterprise Hub internship.

Considering the role her internship played in setting her up for a career as an entrepreneur, does she have any advice for other students who might want to follow in her footsteps?

“I definitely believe programs like the Social Enterprise Hub are important, because they help young students build courage to step outside their comfort zone and move into the employment world.

I would definitely recommend it. It can’t hurt to step outside your comfort zone and enter into the workforce, and it is a great opportunity to take a step closer towards achieving your career goals,” Hannah said.

Are you curious about the internships on offer via the Social Enterprise Hub, or perhaps you want to become a valued industry partner?

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