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Pursue an entrepreneur career to turn your business ideas into reality. Develop and market your own products or services, by carving out your niche or working with others to ensure the efficient running of an organisation. Available in a wide variety of industries, entrepreneurial jobs require skills in leadership and risk management.


Follow your dreams, chase that gap in the market and open up new segments of your industry.

Build your own organisation, shaping it to your vision and launching it into the business world. There are many different ways to fill this role, and you can choose how hands-on you are in different areas, playing to your strengths as you drive innovation.

What does an Entrepreneur do?

  • Plan and direct the operations of your own company
  • Oversee all areas of the business, including marketing, distribution and sales
  • Meet with potential investors and clients, building enthusiasm and forging relationships
  • Review financial statements to increase profits and reduce costs

Business Manager

Oversee an organisation’s day-to-day activities and ensure workers are aligned with its goals.

In this role, take responsibility for supervising and managing the daily business operations of an organisation. Business Managers ensure their company is moving in a direction that will help achieve stated goals and objectives. This may mean updating processes, making on-the-ground adaptations to align with strategy and helping employees understand how their activities affect the big picture.

What does a Business Manager do?

  • Stay abreast of current trends, highlighting potential efficiencies
  • Organise training and development for employees
  • Leverage market data to drive company growth
  • Work across departments to align long-term organisational strategy
  • Examine fresh opportunities, both internal and external
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