What industry certifications come with a Business Analytics degree

Master of Business Analytics certification

Our Master of Business Analytics programs are packed with globally recognised industry certifications, ensuring you stand out to potential employers when you graduate.

Are you considering studying a Master of Business Analytics? If so, did you know that Torrens University’s innovative program integrates several important industry certifications from the field of Business Analytics? The certifications bring with them a number of great benefits to Master of Business Analytics graduates. Gaining additional qualifications via industry certifications will add to your professional credibility and support your career progression.

So, it may come as a surprise, but actually, very few university Business Analytics programs offer these certifications as part of their course. Usually, if you want to gain some extra qualifications, you’re going to have to complete them outside of study hours, and personally pay for them.

Aside from saving time and money, there are a bunch of compelling reasons to choose a program that not only equips you with skills and knowledge but also offers globally recognised industry certifications as an integral part of the curriculum.

First, let’s take a look at the four key advantages you get from these certifications, especially how the certifications enhance your employability as a new graduate.

After that, we’ll zero in on exactly which globally recognised certifications you get as part of your Master of Business Analytics program at Torrens University Australia.

Why getting Business Analytics certifications matters

Industry certifications are not just pieces of paper; they can be a really vital tool to help you access opportunities in the dynamic field of business analytics at a time when you’re a graduate just starting out in your career. Here’s why they matter:

  • Hands-on experience with industry-leading software: One of the biggest benefits of gaining a Business Analytics certification is the hands-on experience they provide with industry-leading analytics software. Competence with tools like Tableau, SAS Viya, or Microsoft Azure AI is essential to any analytics career. By completing the industry certifications, you gain practical exposure to these tools in addition to what you learn in your degree.
  • Skill validation: Employers are always on the lookout for candidates who can hit the ground running. Industry certifications serve as a powerful validation of your skills as a Business Analyst, and give you an extra edge of credibility as a skilled professional.
  • Stand out to employers: Imagine being in the shoes of a hiring manager tasked with finding the perfect data analyst or project manager for the role. Faced with a pool of candidates, the one who holds several industry certifications will just simply stand out compared to the rest who don’t. These certifications signal to an employer your dedication to continuous learning, and your readiness to tackle complex data challenges; both attractive traits that employers value.
  • Global recognition: Maybe the best thing about business analytics industry certifications is their global recognition. They're not confined to a single region or market; they are recognised worldwide. Whether you're pursuing opportunities in New York, London, Sydney, or anywhere else, these certifications will speak volumes about your expertise, training, competence and your commitment to becoming a leader in your field.

Now we’ve covered why these certifications matter, let’s take a look at how Torrens University's Master of Business Analytics courses stand out with its integration of four prestigious international certifications directly into the curriculum.

  1. IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis and IIBA membership: In a global-first, the TUA Business Analytics programs are endorsed by the global professional association International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). You'll also receive a 12-month membership.
  2. Tableau's Desktop Specialist: A first for any Australian university, you can now get certified and become a Tableau Desktop Specialist just by studying the Visual Analytics and Storytelling subject as part of your Master of Business Analytics degree.
  3. SAS® Certified Specialist: Machine Learning: In another global first, you can now certify and advance your data analysis skills by learning SAS® software and machine learning techniques, just by studying the Applied Optimisation in Business subject.
  4. Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals: You will master the basics of Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft's Azure services and gain an additional certification along the way when you undertake the Artificial Intelligence subject.

Master of Business Analytics Industry Certifications Infographic

Gain practical experience with other industry-leading software

In addition to these certifications, as part of your Master of Business Analytics, you will also get the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience with other industry-leading software, such as SAP and Google Analytics.

Plus, you’ll be learning first-hand from industry-experienced facilitators who are leaders in their field. Leaders in the field of business analysis teach at Torrens University such as Walter Yu who is an Agile Business Analyst at DXC Technology. We also have experts like Mark Tossell, a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau, who teaches Torrens University’s Visual Analytics and Storytelling subject.

Globally recognised certifications as part of your Business Analytics degree

It’s still surprisingly rare to find degree-level business analytics courses where internationally recognised certifications are built into the degree program. This unique feature of our Master of Business Analytics, offering an unrivalled inclusion of certifications, will save you time and money that you might have otherwise spent on independently enrolling in each course, outside of study hours.

By building the certifications into their course, Torrens University gives their graduates a competitive edge in the market as they head out to become business analysts, data analysts, project managers, financial analysts, or other exciting roles you’ll be able to step into with this qualification.

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