Public Health student to take part in the World Health Summit 2024

Thida San

In a highly competitive field, Torrens University Masters student Thida San has secured an internship with CAPHIA – the peak body representing Public Health in universities throughout Australasia.

We are delighted to celebrate the news that Public Health student Thida San has been chosen as one of the interns for the Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australasia World Health Summit 2024 program. Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australasia (CAPHIA) is the peak body that represents Public Health in universities in Australia and New Zealand, and the internship program is open to Public Health course students from any CAPHIA member organisation. With only six internships offered each year, the process is very competitive, and it will be an invaluable opportunity for Thida to develop new skills and networks.

The 2024 CAPHIA Internship Program

Currently, Thida San is studying a Master of Public Health (Advanced) program at Torrens University in Melbourne, after building a clinical career for 15 years. “My passion lies in conducting research for the benefit of patients and the community,” said Thida San.

“I am thrilled to receive the internship because it offers an outstanding opportunity for me as a student to enter the Public Health field. I knew that the internship marks a significant step for students and early career graduates, and I was inspired by the impact Public Health makes on the community. So, I applied, and I am very happy and grateful that I was successful.”

“By participating in the World Health Summit (WHS) 2024, I will learn from senior professionals and contribute to the WHS organising team. Also, collaborating closely with senior colleagues during the internship will provide me with valuable real-world experience that will be relevant for my career as a Public Health professional.”

“The motto ‘Express yourself and give it a try’ has been crucial in my journey into the field of Public Health, and so I like to encourage all newcomers to take challenges to further their careers.”

“I want to express gratitude to my lecturers and mentors for their guidance, and I’m proud to showcase my progress. Finally, special thanks to Torrens University, Melbourne, for providing a comprehensive and excellent learning pathway towards developing my future career.”

Public Health Senior Lecturer discusses his role in supporting students

As a learning facilitator, Dr Roberto E. Azcui Aparicio, PhD, MD finds immense satisfaction in fostering students' academic and professional aspirations, particularly those who display exceptional aptitude and a genuine interest in carving a path within Public Health. “Thida San stands out as a shining example, consistently showcasing a remarkable enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to acquiring new skills,” said Dr Roberto E. Azcui Aparicio, PhD, MD.

“When I introduced the CAPHIA internship opportunity, Thida was one of the first students to express her interest, reaching out promptly to gather more details about the application process. Her proactive approach to skill development sets her apart and is an attribute that holds significant weight when pursuing internship opportunities.”

“In my guidance to students, I emphasise the importance of honing skills that align with the ever-evolving landscape of the Health sector. The field continually demands fresh perspectives and innovative minds, making it crucial for aspiring professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Another piece of advice is to recognise the value of actively participating in lectures.

“By posing questions, offering answers, and engaging in discussions, students enrich their learning experience and make a lasting impression on lecturers who are pivotal in recommending them for internships.”

“A vital lesson I impart to students is the importance of knowledge gained across various subjects in their Public Health course. The interdisciplinary nature of the Health sector means that any skills or information can prove valuable in securing internship opportunities, even those you don’t expect to be relevant.”

“For anyone venturing into the competitive landscape of Health internships, my advice is to articulate your skills and expertise concisely yet impactfully. Crafting an application that distinctly communicates your unique strengths will ensure that those reviewing your submission can immediately see what sets you apart from fellow candidates.”

Thida's journey exemplifies the impact of proactive learning, active participation, and the recognition of the broader applications of acquired knowledge, a combination that positions her and any other student with similar qualities for success in the field of Public Health. “As a learning facilitator, witnessing the growth and achievements of students such as Thida reaffirms my commitment to guiding the next generation of Health professionals.”

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