Balancing work, life and study as an international student

Student work life balance

Hear what our students say and the easy tips they share about balancing studying and working.

Whether you’ve recently moved to study in Australia or are thinking about making the move, it can be difficult to prioritise a personal life whilst working and studying at the same time. We’ve spoken to some of our international students who have shared their top tips for creating a balanced life.

Interact with everyone

Whether you’re walking to class, preparing for a group assignment or sitting on campus, interact with everyone. You can build new relationships and learn new perspectives to take with you into your study and life. These connections can also help to open doors in the future and provide new social opportunities to explore off-campus. Creating a sense of community can greatly enhance your university experience, providing a positive foundation to carry with you throughout your studies.

Ask questions

Asking questions allows you to seek clarification, deepen your understanding and gain new knowledge and insights. It’s a fundamental part of the learning process and can build critical thinking skills to take with you throughout your study and career. It’s also a great way to meet new people, create engagement in class and build relationships. You can learn new communication styles and build your confidence which can help in your future work and study.

Manage your time

It’s essential to manage your time properly and ensure you update your calendar with assessment deadlines and your work schedule. This will allow you to block out dedicated time to study amidst all your other commitments. Make sure you take study breaks to help maintain focus, increase productivity and promote healthy habits.

Leverage university resources

Torrens University has a host of resources that can support you in work, study and life. The Academic Success page provides great resources on writing techniques, referencing, and the best way to prepare for assessments. The Library resource page also shares quick tips on how to research and find credible information.

Careers Connect is a great platform that connects students with success coaches and potential employers. It has a range of resources to support in getting a job, including resume workshops, mock interviews and a list of available internships. The Social Enterprise Hub is another resource available to students to develop their employability skills through gaining hands-on experience with real-life brands.

Discover what’s happening on campus! There are a host of events and activities always happening on campus. It is a great way to meet new people and take a break from the pressure of studying. Whether it’s a games night, sporting event or mental health session there is always a new experience to discover with your peers. Make sure you take the time to have fun.

Make the most of every moment

Whether it’s laughing in class, meeting your assessment group outside of study hours or attending a campus event, make the most out of every moment. Studying in Australia offers a wealth of experience that can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, chances are someone sitting next to you going through the same experience, so take a leap, say hello and create lasting memories.

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