What are the benefits of online study?

Liane Peixoto an international student from Brazil

“Torrens University is an institution that offers a lot of online support” says Liane Peixoto, an international student from Brazil. Here is what she has to say about the difference between studying online and face to face:

Tell us about your experience studying online? How are the trainers, tutors and success coaches? How do you find Blackboard, our online platform system?

Torrens University is an institution that offers a lot of online support. I always receive emails with information and guidance from the success coaches, as well as the student support. Blackboard is also a system that allows us to interact with our lectures and classmates.

How has your online course at Torrens University prepared you for a career?

In reality I am studying a face to face course, and now it is being online, because of the pandemic. The course I'm taking at Torrens [University] will help me a lot in my professional career, because all the subjects I'm taking are focused on the market, where we do real case studies, analyzing solutions and understanding how to lead multicultural teams. Studying the master's degree in a country like Australia allows me to have a worldview, different from what I learned in Brazil, which is more specific to the local market. Understanding how multicultures relate professionally, for sure, will make me a much more prepared professional to work at an international level, aligning my skills and strengths with the knowledge acquired here at Torrens [University].

Tell us a bit about your background and where you are originally from.

I was born in Brazil and I have a degree in business administration. I have a large professional experience as a marketing specialist and sales developer, from my previous job positions in Brazil. I have been living in Australia for almost 4 years. Communication is one of my major strengths, as well as the strategy, which help me to think quickly and creatively in various types of situations in order to find a solution.

Which course are you currently studying and when did you start?

I am studying Master in Business Administration Advanced, and I started it in September of 2018 (T3 2018).

What made you decide to study with us?

I was looking for a good quality university that had a master's degree aimed at the professional market, allowing me to get the best out of myself during the course so that I can become an increasingly qualified professional and be able to stand out professionally. Another point that made to decide for Torrens University was the possibility to choose the time I would like to study so I could manage according my possibilities.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

After my graduation I hope to apply for a job position here in Australia, because now I am a full time student.

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