Student spotlight: Natalia Londoño


Natalia Londoño says studying online at Torrens University has prepared her to serve the world with a purpose

Here is what she had to say about her experience so far:

Tell us a bit about your background and where you are from.

I am from Bogota – Colombia, but in the past few years I have been travelling the world. My background is in accounting, however I recently made the decision to change my profession and now I’m studying a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Community Services) online at Torrens University Australia.

How did you first hear about Torrens University?

I heard about Torrens University through my education agent when I was looking for English courses overseas out of Colombia. I always wanted to be able to travel the world, work and be able to study at the same time. My agent recommended Torrens University as they have a great online platform that would allow me to study remotely from anywhere in the world.

What made you decide to study with us?

I chose Torrens University because of the flexibility that they offer, and the fact that Torrens University offers quality classes that ensure you are industry ready when you graduate. I looked at a number of Australian universities to study a health course, but Torrens University had the flexibility I was looking for in a degree.

Why did you choose to study online?

I initially started my degree at the Pyrmont campus in Sydney Australia. I took two subjects face to face, however due to my work schedule and other commitments I decided to switch to online study.

Online learning at Torrens University has been a great experience. You get to speak to the online trainers and tutors anytime to receive direction of the subjects, assessments and they are always available to solve your doubts. I’m very impressed with all the online resources Torrens University has. There is one in particular that I find really useful. This is called LinkedIn Learning. It is a platform offered to all of us as students, where we have the possibility to gain online industry qualifications. It is very advanced and very useful for us as students, in the sense that you can gain any kind of training from business, marketing, design, photography or any topic you might think.

What are the benefits of studying online at Torrens University?

One of the benefits of being part of Torrens University is to be able to be part of a global network. As a student you have access to many worldwide online journals, research and resources that will prepare me for the industry I want to work in when I graduate.

Another benefit I have found is the diversity within the student community. In the online classes, you get to interact with people from all around the world. For me, Torrens University is a university with a modern and a global vision.

How has your time at Torrens University prepared you for a career?

The course that I’m currently doing is a qualification that will provide me with the theoretical and practical skills I need to be prepared for a job in the community and public sectors. I’m very passionate about helping people in disadvantaged communities. With the knowledge I’m getting at Torrens University, I can now plan what could be done to help a community, meeting my purpose in life which is to serve humanity.

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