Celebrating International Students’ Day 2021


Torrens University Australia celebrates International Students’ Day with some personal insights from students who have joined our community from all over the world.

Every year, around the world, we celebrate International Students’ Day on 17 November – showing appreciation for the people who help make our educational community so diverse and vibrant. This year it feels particularly important to give a shout-out to our international students, who have faced some major and unique challenges as a result of the global pandemic.

Many of those who remained in Australia have found themselves alone, facing the uncertainty of lockdown restrictions away from their families, friends and even their culture. On the other hand, those who chose or were able to return home have had to adapt to embracing learning in their new online class environment. While we have robust, flexible systems in place to support this style of learning, it has been hard for some students who miss being able to interact face-to-face with their teachers and peers.

It is fair to say the past little while has been a strong time of reflection for most of us, and it is often said that some of the most important lessons are learnt outside the classroom. To emphasise this fact, we have interviewed five international students to find out the most valuable things they have learnt over the past year or so. Here are their surprising and enlightening responses, which we hope give you some inspiration.

Valentina Marin Sanchez from Colombia
Bachelor of Communication Design
You are the designer of your destiny and your limits are only defined by you.
Mansuetus Igboka from Nigeria
Master of Business Information Systems
I learnt how to say 'hello', 'how are you', 'please' and 'good-bye' in four different languages.
Niti Sharma from India
Master of Business Information Systems
I learnt to cook Indo-Chinese dishes.
Lina Yu from China
Master of Business Administration
I practiced Mongolian dance.
Muhammad Taimoor Babar from Pakistan
Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Community Services)
The importance of family.
Celebrate student success
On this special day, it is our pleasure to celebrate the success of our international students who are determined to achieve their goals despite external challenges. It requires courage and resilience to step out of your comfort zone, continuing to adapt under often challenging circumstances. We take inspiration from you all, and are eternally grateful to have you as part of the Torrens University community.
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