Why you should study an English Language course in Australia


Learn the benefits of studying an English Language course to build confidence and meet other like-minded international students.

Commencing study at a new university in a foreign country, with a different language to your own, can be a daunting prospect. There are many challenges and unknowns but when it comes to the English language, Torrens University Language Centre (TULC) is here to help.

Whether you want to prepare for your higher education, advance for personal benefits or kickstart your career trajectory, TULC has a range of English courses to maximise your chances of success.

The perfect way to meet other international students

Coming to a new country can feel isolating; you’re away from friends and family and it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. By studying an English language course, not only will you be improving your English skills you will meet other international students in the same situation as you, who can relate to all the same challenges.

You will also be introduced to a suite of staff who can provide advice not only on your studies and future career – but on life and living in Australia.

What’s the difference between our English courses?

Torrens University Language Centre offers two English courses across the year, English for Academic Purposes and General English.

English for Academic Purposes has two levels, Intermediate and Advanced, with the aim to prepare you for university entry. The course is designed to help you adjust to university in Australia, from the basics of reading, writing and listening, to the more technical like referencing and participating in critical discussions.

Our teachers' main focus is to equip you with the academic skills necessary to undertake a higher education degree.

“TULC teachers are very friendly and really take the time to make sure you learn and improve speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.” – Jennifer Dominguez


General English aims to develop your all-around English skills, introducing you to everything that is required when learning a new language and the core skills to communicate confidently and independently in English.

With a more personalised focus, the course is perfect to help you communicate more freely in everyday life.

Unrivalled experience in teaching English language courses

TULC has more than 25 years of experience in English language teaching, with a focus on blended learning and teaching. This includes face-to-face activities, online resources and small class sizes to ensure that you get more personalised attention.

The benefit of studying one of our English language courses is the immense flexibility they offer. With the option to study on campus in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or online – you have the control to study where suits you best. There is an intake every 5-weeks, with courses running for 10-weeks, giving you multiple opportunities to start studying during the year.

So, there is no reason to wait!

Hear first-hand what other English language students have to say

Our vision to deliver innovative and personalised English language teaching has received great recognition industry wide, for students and the university.

Most recently Torrens University Language Centre was a finalist in the Victorian International Education Awards for Excellence in International Education – English Language Training.

We continue to see great success from Christiane Teixeira Vasconcellos, a Brazilian student who studied English to improve her career opportunities in Australia. She is a finalist in the NSW International Student Awards sharing that, “the General English course has taught me to communicate confidently with my peers and prepared me to pursue further higher education in Australia.”


Off the back of her English Language study she gained the confidence to enrol into a double degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health at Torrens University.

Better equip your future

No matter the outcome, you will gain confidence in communicating English from studying an English language course. Whether you use it to improve your employment opportunities or for social situations – you have nothing to lose.

Academic English student Hieu Xuan Leu from Vietnam explains, “I’ve learnt a lot of new things and experienced a new way of learning – how to speak in public and debate confidently.” When asked on how he benefited from his course, he says, “I am more confident speaking English and am able to apply my skills in class presentations and interviews.”


From the social and academic benefits and study flexibility, to the personalised approach, there is nothing stopping you from starting your English Language study today!

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