Sustainability inspires student wins in Moccona design competition

Moccona Sustainable Jar Design Competition | Torrens University Australia Winners

Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University students, Jemma Ortiger, Kaitlyn Geltner, and Celine Groene, took out half of the top spots in sustainability competition.

Moccona recently ran the Decorative Jar Sustainable Design Competition aimed at communicating the theme that every little action can make a difference when it comes to helping to create a more sustainable world. The design competition aligns with Moccona’s mission for all packaging to be 100 percent recyclable, compostable, or reusable.

The winning designs are currently featured on Moccona’s iconic glass coffee jar in support of future-changing environmental causes.

The competition was open to the next generation of socially conscious student designers from Australia and New Zealand to explore the theme and help inspire us all to take small steps for a better future.

Moccona design competition winning entries

Out of the six winners across both countries, three winners are currently studying Communication Design, Interior Design and Game Design and Development at Billy Blue College of Design, and their designs are now featuring on millions of limited-edition jars worldwide.

‘Pedalling Forwards’, designed by Jemma Ortiger encourages sustainable transport, ‘Our Whales Below’, designed by Kaitlyn Geltner advocates for reducing pollution in waterways and on beaches to protect our ocean species, and ‘Protecting Friends’, designed by Celine Groene celebrates and urges to protect biodiversity.

Other winner’s championed causes including upcycling and reusability, bees and their major role in the world’s ecosystem, and how taking small actions can affect future change.

"As an Industry Consultant for Design and Creative Technology, I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with Moccona to present this exciting industry competition to our students," said Stef How. "To then see that we had three students work selected was just incredible and a testament to our university and students' ability to generate outstanding designs for industry clients."

"Seeing the coffee jars on the shelves gave me an enormous sense of pride in our talented Billy Blue students and our Industry Engagement role in developing the important collaborative opportunity for us and our students to help support great charitable causes," said Stef How, Industry Engagement, Design and Creative Technologies at Torrens University Australia.

Cast your vote

Each winner was teamed with a sustainability influencer to film and write content championing their causes, that each received a $5,000 donation, as well as a share of remaining $70,000 pool, from Moccona, which is open for public voting until 18 September 2022. With no purchase required anyone can cast a vote and direct where the money goes.

Pedalling Forwards - Jemma Ortiger, Sydney

Jemma Ortiger's design highlights how sustainable transport, especially cycling, can help keep us moving – without costing the earth. “Coffee, sustainability and design are three things very important to me so when the competition was advertised I knew I had to enter!" said Jemma.It was such a privilege to be able to make a design.

Moccona Sustainable Jars Design Competition | Torrens University Winners


“I was originally really drawn to doing sustainable transport because that’s something especially close to my heart,” said Jemma whose limited-edition jar features people cycling.

“I had a great time making the design and never expected to actually win! It’s surreal seeing my design in the shops.”

Jemma met up with TEDx speaker and plastic free, less waste and sustainability living educator Lindsay Miles in Perth to talk about alternative forms of transport.

Together they encourage making a switch to cycling as a small step that’s great for mental and physical health, and also, importantly, the health of the planet.

“I believe cycling is a fantastic form of sustainable transport as it doesn't produce any greenhouse emissions, and is good for the body, mind and the planet,” said Jemma.

Their chosen organisation, Dismantle, is an award-winning youth charity that recycles close to 1000 bikes a year to engage disadvantaged young people.

Dismantle's mission is to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty through hands-on skill building, supportive mentoring and employment pathways.

“It was a crazy experience being flown over (from Sydney) to Perth for one night to meet Lindsay. She was so lovely and it was a pleasure to talk about our shared interests,” said Jemma.

Keep across Jemma’s designs by following her on Instagram.


Our Whales Below - Kaitlyn Geltner, Tasmania

Kaitlyn drew inspiration from Humpback and Minke whales who are vital to our delicate ecosystem and continually cycling nutrients in our oceans.

“I got involved in the competition because it brought together two things I love, coffee and sustainability,” said Kaitlyn.

“My design showcases how making a little difference can make a big change,” said Kaitlyn.

Moccona Sustainable Jars Design Competition | Torrens University Winners


Kaitlyn was teamed up with science educator, environmentalist, advocate and ambassador for change Laura Wells. The pair met Bulli, in the northern suburbs of Wollongong, on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, to discuss their shared love of the ocean, whales as well as ways we can protect ocean species, and each do our bit to make a little difference.

“I had an amazing time up in Bulli, Wollongong, with Laura and I can't believe how well the video came out! It was such an amazing experience and one I will remember forever,” said Kaitlyn. “I hope to bring some attention to both our waters, and ORRCA.

ORRCA is committed to the rescue, research, conservation and welfare of Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Dugongs in Australian Waters, and Kaitlyn and Laura’s organisation to advocate for.

“ORRCA is an amazing organisation that does so much for cetaceans and the wildlife around Australia, and I hope they are able to continue to do more amazing work with their share of the $100,000,” said Kaitlyn.

Protecting Friends, Celine Groene, Sydney

Celine Groene’s design celebrates Australia’s biodiversity especially the cockatoos who she befriended over lockdown from their frequent visits to her balcony.

She believes that these cockatoos, along with every living organism on earth, deserve to be respected and protected.

Moccona Sustainable Jars Design Competition | Torrens University Winners

Aussie actor, star of Neighbours, and wildlife advocate, Matty Wilson, met with Celine on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, aka “Matty’s backyard” to discuss their shared passion for our animals and how we can all take small steps to protect our Aussie wildlife friends.

“That’s a passion really close to my heart,” said Matty.

They combined to advocate for Wildlife Victoria who has provided the Victorian community with a wildlife Emergency Response Service for 35 years. Wildlife Victoria helps and protects wildlife, not only through rescue and response, but also through education and advocacy activities, and by promoting knowledge and care of wildlife.

Each year Wildlife Victoria and its dedicated volunteers respond to over 100,000 calls to help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

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