New Colombo Plan scholar jets off to Singapore


Discover the journey of the Branded Fashion Design student who chose Singapore as her study destination for the New Colombo Plan exchange program.

I am very excited to undertake my program and see where it takes me in regards to my future career goals!

Fashion is a global language that transcends borders and cultures. It is certainly why Torrens University student Jade Gabriel decided to pursue a career steeped in international influences and styles.

Then earlier this year, the opportunity of a lifetime came Jade’s way with the announcement that she was one of 125 scholars selected for Australia’s New Colombo Plan (NCP). This was huge as the program provides amazing professional opportunities to learn, build enduring connections and become truly internationalist.

For Jade, her time had come to take her passion for fashion beyond Australia.

Jade Gabriel

The Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design student at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University chose Singapore as her study destination for the NCP program. She would spend 6 months at the Raffles Design Institute Singapore.

Jade said Singapore’s position as an international hub was an important consideration.

“I chose Singapore as my host location as it has a rich and electric fashion scene that is continuing to grow and evolve,” she explained.

Jade Gabriel's group

This is just the beginning for Jade’s career in the fashion industry

Jade flew into the Singapore fashion scene on Monday 29 August. One of her first decisions was to study Mandarin.

“It is essential to gain a deeper connection and understanding of one of the country’s main languages,” she explained.

Jade says learning the world’s most spoken language will provide important insights which she will apply to her studies, her fashion design and a future informed by global fashion influences. One of the NCP programs main aims is to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia, and Jade hopes to gain an elevated understanding of fashion systems in Singapore.

“I want to see how we can apply Singapore’s level of innovation and fashion knowledge and bring that to Australia.” And why not?

Taking her education beyond the classroom, Jade’s launch into her NCP journey already has her planning ahead. She intends to travel to Japan to undertake further internship opportunities once she’s finished in Singapore.

Jade’s already thinking of her future in fashion

Armed with robust passion and a very creative mindset, Jade can see that there is much to learn beyond Australia. She hopes to deepen her network through this experience and is already looking ahead in her journey. When asked about her goals after study, she didn’t hesitate with her answer.

“To intern somewhere in Singapore, in order to compare the relationship between luxury fashion and street style. [I know it's a] bold move but I want to see how the fashion scene differs from that in Australia.

Jade’s response isn’t surprising. Billy Blue College of Design has shown her the importance of connecting, sharing and challenging herself but also others around her, whether in the classroom or in another country.

We will continue to follow Jade through her journey as she gains invaluable experience, both professionally and personally, with the aim to not only impact her future but the Australian fashion scene.

Hear more about Jade Gabriel’s announcement as a scholarship recipient here and you can find out more information about the New Colombo Plan here.

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