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Dozens of Torrens University Australia staff have recently graduated thanks to tuition reduction scholarships for employees.

Across Australia in early May Torrens University Australia staff graduated at ceremonies in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide in the company of their peers, academics, friends, and families.

Their graduation days signified the end of hard work and dedication over the past few years, including completing their studies in Business, Design and Education during the pandemic - something they will be proud of for years to come.

The Torrens University Australia employees and fresh alumni were the benefits of tuition scholarships from the university, which believes in the importance of investing in its staff.

“It is so important to unleash the power of learning to make career dreams come true for our staff. During the pandemic we took big steps to make further study even more accessible for staff,” said Hugo Contente, Vice President People and Talent.

“We are extremely proud of the success of the scheme and the remarkable accomplishments of our staff graduates,” he added.

United by a belief in the power of education

The university is committed to supporting continuous lifelong learning for its staff, encouraging employees to pursue further study that is linked to their professional development plan.

Since the pandemic hit, in 2020 and 2021 Torrens University Australia awarded more than 520 staff with scholarships, covering 100% of their financial outlay through their Tuition Reduction Benefit Scheme. The university is proud to confirm that the scheme continues this year.

“The thirst for lifelong learning is strong among our staff and it is transformative as they enhance and solidify their knowledge to upskill for their current position, or plan for the future,” said Vice-Chancellor Professor Alwyn Louw.

“We live by our values to ensure education for all, and this is our demonstrable commitment and investment in our staff.”

Jubilation for staff graduates, triumph celebrated across the university

The graduates celebrated their achievements on their LinkedIn accounts in the days following the ceremonies, sharing sentiments of accomplishment for making excellent use of the COVID years and pride in working for an organisation that encourages its staff to achieve and excel. Colleagues were quick to offer congratulations.

Having been within the organisation for many years, Carmen Perkins, Program Director, Acting Associate Dean (Health and Education), said she felt very fortunate to have been exposed to some incredible professional development opportunities throughout her career.

“As my professional role, knowledge and capabilities have evolved and progressed, so too did the need for me to consolidate [my skills] through further formal studies,” said Carmen.

“I am so thrilled I made the decision to complete my Master of Education (Innovation and Change) through Torrens University Australia. I'm so glad I did, it's been such a rewarding and authentic experience.”

Eoghan Hogan, Director of Product Innovation, said he was delighted to graduate with a Master of Business Administration.

“A special thanks to all the academics, peers, and mentors I met along the way. Two years of COVID well spent.”

“So proud to be part of a university and  workplace that lives its values!” said Charlotte Giles, Director, Student Recruitment, Admissions & Operations.

“Creating a community that fosters continuous learning and personal growth. Education superpower - MBA - unlocked.”

Lauren White, Senior Marketing Manager (Events) graduated with a High Distinction grade for her Master of Business Administration. Graduating just after her 3-year anniversary working at Torrens University Australia and, incredibly with her fourth qualification from Torrens University, was a cause to celebrate.

“A very fitting way to celebrate working with a company that pushes their employees to be the best version of themselves and continuously strive for excellence. 1.5 years of juggling work, a new team, subject readings, and assignments but it was all worth it to cross that stage to get my certificate,” said Lauren.

“This MBA is not just for me but for those who have supported me throughout my study journey and my 3 years at Torrens University Australia…here’s to many more,” added Lauren, who acknowledged the progressive nature of the university’s approach to staff study.

Comradery through studies, a winning combination

Colleagues Tori Pendergast, Head of Student Recruitment Operations, and Valentina Villegas Ordoñez, Marketing Executive, both graduated with a Graduate Certificate of UX and Web Design, saluting each other in their posts.

“Huge thanks to my colleagues and family for supporting me throughout some late nights of studying! Was great to learn some new tools and the importance of UX/Web Design in the CX (customer) experience. Shout out to Valentina Villegas Ordoñez for also graduating with me, so exciting to see how much you've grown!,” said Tori.

Valentina was equally effusive in her excitement at completing her studies, thanking friends, family and her mentor and manager, Victoria.

“I reached a significant goal in my career,” said Valentina.

“Thanks to Tori Pendergast, not only my manager but my mentor too (and my classmate during this course!!), for guiding me since my internship a few years ago, since working at Torrens University Australia was my first professional experience after my bachelor’s degree with Torrens.”

Clearly a fan of lifelong learning, Valentina is set to commence more study with Torrens University this year, a Master of Business Administration.

“As an education institution, we are so proud to see our staff developing, growing and achieving their career goals and we can’t wait to see more staff graduate in our upcoming graduation ceremonies in Melbourne and again later in the year,” said Vice-Chancellor Alwyn Louw.

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