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As the global economy grows, project management career opportunities continue to expand. Find a host of project management jobs in industries across the board – construction, retail, health, IT or web development. Pick a specialisation and help an industry grow, or take a broader approach in project management careers.

Project Manager

Support and lead teams, providing the framework they need to pursue a common goal.

When it comes to large-scale or complex plans, a Project Manager needs to take ownership. In this role, you will ensure goals are aligned, schedules are met, budgets are maintained and clients are satisfied. You can work in a diverse range of industries, from construction to IT, where you’ll be responsible for allocating resources, monitoring progress and providing reports to stakeholders along the way.

What does a Project Manager do?

  • Meet with clients to assess scope and objectives, provide budget estimates and discuss scheduling
  • Track costs and manage resources effectively, staying within mission parameters
  • Develop and manage detailed schedules and work plans
  • Apply effective techniques, practices and standards throughout the lifespan of a project

Project Director

Oversee a team of workers across various departments in pursuit of a common goal.

Working with colleagues of different backgrounds and skill sets, a Project Director creates and maintains schedules, communicates with workers and manages timelines to ensure each phase of a given undertaking goes ahead as planned. They operate as the main source of interaction and collaboration, taking charge of budgets, back-up plans and the appropriate allocation of resources at any given time.

What does a Project Director do?

  • Develop and monitor timelines for completion of tasks and milestones
  • Recommend and implement alterations to initial plans as unforeseen circumstances and altered situations impact the project at hand
  • Present to investors and stakeholders regarding ongoing work and future outlook
  • Review proposals, offering advice and guidance as well as approvals
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