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As the sector continues to expand, game design careers have evolved from niche choice to thriving industry. Bring your game programming expertise to personal projects as an indie developer, work in established companies such as EA's Firemonkeys Studio to develop the latest Need for Speed titles, or find game design jobs working with companies that gamify health and fitness.

Game Designer

Bring interactive storytelling to new heights and create fun experiences.

Game Designers collaborate with other professionals to design and develop video games across a range of platforms. In this ever-evolving industry, you can join major game development studies and work alongside other creative departments in creating the next AAA game, launch an independent gaming studio or master all aspects of game design and create the next big hit.

What does a Game Designer do?

  • Discover what makes games fun and engaging through careful design of mechanics, narrative and gameplay experiences
  • Work alongside other creative departments to produce game concepts, prototypes and market-ready productions
  • Help people manage and improve their everyday lives through gamification initiatives
  • Oversee the entire process from laying design foundations to products hitting the app stores

Character Artist

Make visually stunning characters, props and other elements for interactive games.

In this role, you’ll blend skills from a wide range of disciplines to create characters who look great and tell a story. Character Artists create and draw the visual aspects found in characters, environments, items and other props in digital media and bring them to life using speciality software. Video game, animation and illustration industries rely on talented Character Artists to flesh out aesthetics and personalities.

What does a Character Artist do?

  • Sculpt figures and bring them to life using sophisticated animation software
  • Drive visual quality, developing the look and feel of animated characters
  • Liaise with clients and external departments, bringing concepts to life
  • Design ranges of characters with a common aesthetic and style

Game Tester

Stress-test and try to break games in pursuit of quality assurance.

Also known as Quality Assurance, Game Testers play an important role in determining if newly developed video games are ready to be released. With an emphasis on stress-testing and bug exploitation, you’ll play and replay through video games in the final stages of development in search of errors which could make them unplayable. As a Game Tester, you are a key asset on every platform, from PlayStations and Xbox consoles to phones and PCs.

What does a Game Tester do?

  • Play upcoming video games before they’re released to the general public
  • Put your gaming skills to the test as you push the limits and try to “break” the game
  • Take a creative approach in playing video games, thinking outside the habits of the regular gamer
  • Work among experts in a behind-the-scenes environment of the video game industry

Game Programmer

Become a specialist software engineer who develops video games and related software.

Drawing from a range of languages and applications, you will write the code that directs the actual player experience, from user interfaces to the mechanics behind game design. As a Game Programmer, you will find jobs designing and writing code across various gaming platforms including PlayStation, PC and mobile apps.

What does a Game Programmer do?

  • Work alongside other creative departments to strategise and develop software
  • Draw from various computer programming languages such as C++ and C#, and industry-standard computer applications like Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Combine the creative endeavours of others together into a final product
  • Upgrade and enhance user experience with feedback from testers
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