Meet our Bright Awards winners


We’re looking for the passionate, the creative and the proud to be the next 2021 Bright Awards winners!

We have students at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia working on projects in gaming, software engineering, interior design, graphic design, fashion and so much more. We exist in a whirlwind of creativity, passion and excitement, and we’re constantly inspired by the work of our students – their sheer passion, imagination and talent is something we want to see more of.

What are the Bright Awards?

We introduced the Bright Awards to give a platform for emerging talent in Australia to express themselves, and to gain confidence in adventuring into a career in design and creative technology.

The Bright Awards are a nation-wide creative arts competition designed specifically for high school students in years 10, 11 and 12. Visit the Bright Awards page and submit the required work for your chosen field and you could win. The Bright Awards feature eight categories: 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Games, UX & Web Design, Film & Video, Fashion Design, Photography and Interior Design.

Also – we should probably mention that the winners are not only the ones to benefit, they receive a cash prize of $1000 to continue pursuing their creative careers, but their school also receives $3000 to continue providing an environment for emerging talent to exercise their skills in design and creative technology.

Submissions for the 2021 Bright Awards are now open and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

Should you apply for Bright Awards?

If you’re reading this and wondering whether or not to apply, the answer is yes. Get inspired from our previous winners and learn more about their Bright Awards experience. Then all you need to do is get started. Find out more about how your submission can win you the major prize!

Meet our 2020 Bright Awards winners

Graphic Design – Vesna Lawson, Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Graphic Design Vesna Lawson Art2

UX & Web Design – Emily Dunne, Mentone Girls Grammar School

Web Interation Emilly Dunne Website Page

Photography – Natalia Bendikov, Woodville High School

“My inspiration was based on my interests of heavy image manipulation and low light photography. This led me to taking pictures of products while playing with themes, lighting techniques and editing. My goal was to recreate professional studio images using whatever available equipment I was able to find at home. It was a euphoric feeling after receiving the winning position and I am so thankful for this opportunity presented to me.”

Photography Natalia Bendikov Illusion Light Series

Animation – Andrew Land, Freshwater Senior Campus

"Creating this animation was driven by my inspiration to not only explore my creative capabilities but also push myself to create my own envisioned world. I experienced many challenges producing this animation, which includes many revisions in story and even data corruption, making me redo countless amounts of scenes within an extremely short period of time before my HSC Major Project Hand in. Thus, for me, receiving this award was overwhelmingly motivational. I am honoured in receiving the Billy Blue Bright Award for animation and am further reinvigorated to keep creating."

Animation Andrew Land IRIS

Games – Van-Andrew Nguyen, Sydney Boys High School

Games Van-Andrew Nguyen The Flames That Follow Us

Fashion – Georgia Castle-Davey, Kelvin Grove State College

Fashion Georgia Castle-Davey Collection

Interior Design – Antonia Moulos, Santa Sabina College

“From the start, I wanted to make sure my project focused on helping people with disabilities, especially given the current Royal Commission into Aged Care. After substantial research, I quickly realised that young people with disabilities form a niche group of society who are regularly forgotten and forced into nursing homes- as this is the only suitable form of medical care. This was a completely unsatisfactory societal finding and more needed to be done!
I therefore used this critical information as my motivation to influence change, by designing a facility which encourages a positive quality of living through immediate care and long term solutions for rehabilitation which also offer emotional and physical growth. By incorporating cafes and a direct connection to Sydney’s popular Bay Run, this concept was able to encourage inclusion and a strong and viable community setting.
Winning this award has been incredibly rewarding, and I am pleased that this achievement can help me educate others on the injustices faced by youth with disabilities.
Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the conversation and inspiration for change!”

Interior Design Antonia Moulos Rehabilitation Facility 


Apply today

We’re looking for the passionate, the creative and the proud – so apply, because if our 2020 and previous winners let their confidence stop them, they wouldn’t be Bright Awards winners!

For more information on how to apply, entry criteria and key dates, please visit the Bright Awards webpage.

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