Chinese Medicine sessions at the Practice Wellbeing Centre

Attending Chinese Medicine sessions at the Practice Wellbeing Centre

Patricia routinely attends Chinese medicine and clinical myotherapy sessions.

Torrens University’s Practice Wellbeing Centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne help members of the public take a holistic approach to their health through Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Clinical Myotherapy and Nutrition sessions and treatments. These clinics are led by the students, who are supervised by experienced, qualified practitioners, and offer professional services at reasonable prices.

Patricia Artico, manager of the Toffee Café at Torrens’ Flinders Street campus in the centre of Melbourne says, ‘I love the Fitzroy clinic! I go every Saturday to Chinese Medicine sessions and I can tell you they are very effective. I have been treating my injury and I feel much better now. Thank you to the CM team and Madeleine, the student who is “healing” me!’

Patricia explains that like the Practice Wellness Centre in the inner-city suburb of Fitzroy, the Toffee Café is also run by Torrens’ students. ‘We hire students from any of the courses, not only Hospitality. We have one who is studying Software Engineering and another student who is doing Public Health. It’s an opportunity to make connections, and for some students, we give them their first job in Australia. I am an alumnus of the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in New South Wales, and now I am the cafe manager here in Melbourne.’

Patricia’s Wellbeing Centre experience

As an undergraduate, Patricia worked in Torrens’ student-led restaurant, William Blue Dining, and says, ‘I like that kind of environment where students can interact with real people, gain practical experience, and be mentored by experienced teachers. So, when I heard about the clinic in Fitzroy, I was interested to find out more about what the students do there.’ Patricia has now taken Nutrition, Clinical Myotherapy (a therapy that focuses on the treatment and management of pain and dysfunction of muscles, nerves and joints) and Chinese Medicine sessions with the clinic’s students.

The effectiveness of Chinese herbs and acupuncture

‘The effectiveness of Chinese Medicine won my trust at the first appointment. The acupuncture, cupping and herbs, all together, restored my body balance immediately. With each session, I feel my energy being recharged and all my health issues are minimised. The students do a great job. They are well trained and monitored by the supervisors. I recommend Chinese Medicine not only for treating issues, but also for preventing future illness.’

‘The lecturers and the managers who work at the clinic are very professional. They are serious about offering high standards of care for all the patients and I can see that they love what they do. They take care of you and show the students how to offer this same level of care.’

‘I always recommend the clinic to my friends – I recommend it to everyone. It is a beautiful environment and very clean … spotless. As I say, I go there every Saturday and the sessions make me feel great.’

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