From Restaurant Manager in Italy to MBA in Sydney


If there's one thing we can learn from Mattia Griggio's story, it's that doing all of these things at once might just be possible.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Mattia Griggio’s story, it’s that doing all of these things at once might just be possible.

Meet Mattia Griggio: adventurer, manager, student, and man who loves what he does.

In 2016, Mattia graduated from a BA of Economics and Management, and decided to move from his hometown of Venice, Italy, all the way to the other side of the world – to the mysterious land ‘down under.’

“During my university studies I had always been thinking of an overseas experience. So, by the end of 2016, I decided to move to Australia to further develop my English language knowledge, and give myself the opportunity to work, and to experience a new country and a different culture,” he says.

Driven by his curiosity about the world and thirst for new experiences, he would spend the next three years travelling around Australia and Canada. He explored the bustling cities and vast wilderness these incredible countries have to offer, while working in different managerial roles in the hospitality industry.
"I never thought that I would be been staying in Australia for more than a year. I fell in love with this beautiful country, so I decided to give myself the opportunity to further grow my personal and professional career."
Last year, while living in Sydney, he decided it was time to return to study, and take his career to the next level. He wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do, but he knew he wanted something that would combine his two passions of travel and business management.

“After two years of many different experiences in hospitality, and one year spent in a different role in Canada, I decided to go back to my studies in order to further develop my knowledge, and to challenge myself in different industries. Since 2016 I had been covering different managerial roles in a sector (hospitality industry) that I already knew well, because of my previous work experience in Italy.”

One day, Mattia was walking home from work through Darling Harbour, and noticed a billboard advertising MBA courses at Torrens University. He didn’t know it at the time, but this moment would change the direction of his life.

“I especially felt fascinated about the Torrens [University] slogan ‘love what you do’ in that advertising panel. This is the reason why I first decided to get some more information online and, consequently, contacted my education agent.”

Mattia enrolled in his online MBA of Global Project Management soon after, and began his studies this year.

The MBA of Global Project Management: what exactly is it all about?

If, like Mattia, you have a passion for both travel and business, you may want to choose an MBA specialisation that will prepare you specifically for an international career.

In a nutshell, this is fundamentally what the Torrens University MBA of Global Project Management has been developed to do.

As well as learning the same essential, core subjects that make up a general MBA, you study a unique raft of subjects that are focused around organisational and project management in a global context. These subjects are both theoretical and practical, with applied projects and industry placements built into the course.

The aim is to teach you how to be a business leader on an international scale, positioning you to work in multinational companies and industries that have a worldwide outreach.

Of course, Mattia’s journey is his own – whether this course is right for you depends on your aspirations.

If you want to apply for senior management jobs among a diverse range of international companies and sectors, this education will be an asset for you. If you’re more interested in working in specific fields such as sports or health, you may want to choose MBA specialisations in those areas.

Studying the MBA of Global Project Management online: how is the course delivered, and what is the online learning experience like? With university campuses still closed in many countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to choose an MBA course that has a high-quality digital delivery option, if you want to begin study soon.

Fortunately, for Mattia, he was transferred to the MBA fully online for extra flexibility. So, he has been able to continue study without interruption this year.

Although he was initially sceptical of online learning, he has since discovered some unexpected benefits. He’s pleased with the overall structure of his online MBA, and the digital course delivery platform.

“I found the online study an unexpectedly great experience, especially because I was never confident in the idea of online learning. However, thanks to the well-delivered online classes provided by Torrens University through the Blackboard platform, I had to revise my original thoughts.

In fact, the interaction with the lecturers and students is still great, especially thanks to the platform systems provided by Torrens University.

The Master course structure has definitely been the first reason for studying at Torrens University. It is really well structured. After a lot of research, it was the only option that could satisfy my requests. I especially found the dual Master unique in its combined formula.

Also, I really like how Torrens University is highly internationally oriented. Ultimately, I liked the way classes were structured, flexible in terms of timetables, and small in terms of the number of students attending the classes.”

Of course, there are two sides to every kind of learning format. As a people-person, Mattia has found that at times, he does miss the face-to-face learning environment.

“I personally believe that there are pros and cons to accepting both online and in-person scenarios. On the one hand, being online can be really comfortable because of the flexibility of taking classes from wherever you prefer and however you prefer.

On the other hand, you are still limited because of the lack of face-to-face interaction.”

He’s not alone. Many students enrolled in face-to-face courses at Torrens University are likely looking forward to returning to the classroom, when social distancing restrictions ease. Until then, however, learning will continue to be delivered online.

If you’re currently considering enrolling, it’s now possible to get a digital head start and then to move your studies to on-campus later in the year, by choosing a blended learning option. You can find out more about that here.

So, what’s next for Mattia in his exciting journey – now, and after graduation?

“I am just at the beginning of my university journey with Torrens [University], but I can strongly confirm that the support I have had so far has been incredible. In addition to the knowledge I am acquiring daily, I am also becoming more confident in facing new professional challenges.

I hope I will be able to secure a position in project management or business administration, where I can further enhance the skills that I have acquired through my education at Torrens University.”

See here for more information on our MBA of Global Project Management.
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